20 years ago we launched „Zakład Produkcji Pomocniczej” P.W. Klima-Went Sp. z o.o., our plant producing prefabricated elements for ventilation systems, which is still operating and has acquired strong market presence.

Our products are made for the company’s own projects as well as for external clients.

We specialise in producing rectangular ventilation ductwork, but we also offer a broad range of ventilation accessories, such as air terminal units, air dampers, grating, sound attenuators, curb adapters, intake and exhaust vents, and many others. We also produce steel structures for air handler units and other ventilation appliances.

The complete range of our prefabricated elements for ventilation systems is presented in our ZPP Klima-Went Catalogue.

ZPP Klima-Went Catalogue

Zakład Produkcji Pomocniczej has state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • plasma cutter for burning (cutting) from sheet any computer-designed shape
  • groover for making grooves joining the prefabricated part's walls
  • production line (combined unit) for producing rectangular ducts, consists of a sheet decoiler machine and a groove closing machine
  • welding machine
  • press brake
  • swaging machines
  • saws for profiles
  • sheet metal shearing machines

We mark each of our products for identification purposes. For that we use manufacturing labels with the following information

  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Manufacturing date
  • Symbol of element in the construction documentation for easy incorporation
  • Schematic drawing of the element
  • Dimensions of the elements
  • The thickness of the zinc plating on the sheet used in the manufacturing process